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With the repeal of Prohibition 75 years ago, respectable drinking establishments replaced the illegal and often dangerous speakeasies that helped support organized crime.

Women played a pivotal role in repealing National Prohibition as it became painfully obvious that it led to organized crime, mob violence, speakeasies, dangerous moonshine, political corruption, disrespect for law, and other serious problems.

With the repeal of Prohibition 75 years ago, legitimate business people re- entered the production, distribution and sale of alcoholic beverages. They were licensed and their profits were taxed, adding revenue to local, state and federal treasuries.

The crime, violence and illegal speakeasies resulting from Prohibition endangered young people. Therefore, millions of parents and other concerned citizens organized to abolish that radical experiment in social engineering.

Although headlines produced the end of Prohibition in 1933, much remains to be done 75 years later to complete the promise of Repeal. There are hundreds of dry (prohibition) counties across the country, and millions of Americans still live under Puritan-era Blue laws restricting the purchase of alcohol on the second-busiest shopping day of the week (Sunday).

The legalization of alcohol sales in 1933 reduced the problems caused by Prohibition, especially the distribution of illegally-produced and unsafe moonshine often contaminated by toxic lead impurities, creosote or even embalming fluid. Consumers sometimes suffered blindness, paralysis or even death from the dangerous potions.

The repeal of Prohibition meant the end of illegal speakeasies and the return of alcoholic beverages produced under safe and sanitary conditions.

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