Sioux Falls City Council approved easing the restriction on Sunday alcohol sales to allow for the sale of distilled spirits and wine.  Previously, only beer had been available on Sunday. The new ordinance officially goes into effect November 13th, but the first Sunday falls on November 16th.

Read about it here.

Local businesswoman Heather Boysen expressed excitement about the new opportunity.  Below is an excerpt from the article:

“People didn’t realize that there was a Sunday sale restriction, until they came out on a Sunday because they needed that products, so now, we won’t have to surprise anybody and disappoint anybody,” Boysen said.

Now, she says not only will everyone have happier, smoother Sundays, but she expects a boom in business.

‘It means everything to us, we’re already open on Sundays, and to not be able to sell products and have to refuse sales continually, Sunday after Sunday, has been difficult, to have the restrictions lifted, means obviously more revenue for our store, but it also means more revenue for the city, they collect tax dollars on that,” Boysen said.

Boysen is relieved to see the blue law lifted. She says this restriction has been on the books since prohibition, it’s nice to see a change that will benefit her business and the city’s economy as well. 

Lynden, WA city council members voted 4-3 yesterday to end the ban on Sunday alcohol sales.  Read about it here.  

After significant deliberation, council members ultimately decided: “In the end, the majority decided that a one-day-a-week ban made no sense.”

Cheers to the Lynden City Council for getting rid of their decades-old ban on Sunday sales.

Local wet/dry campaigns are taking shape leading up to Election Day in Texas.

Check out this article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram which lays it out pretty nicely: Alcohol-sales propositions are on a number of local ballots

Over the last five years in Texas, voters have overwhelmingly approved alcohol sales in “dry” cities and counties.  In more than 300 alcohol elections held since 2003, 81 percent have gone “wet.”