Indiana’s Fort Wayne Journal Gazette yesterday endorsed Sunday sales in an editorial calling on legislators to reopen the debate over the current prohibition.  Indiana is one of only three states in the entire country that still bans Sunday beer, wine and spirits sales at package stores. 

Read the editorial here: Liquor law deserves a second look

Here’s a teaser:

The additional revenue would be attractive, but the need to address the disconnect between allowing on-premises consumption on Sundays and prohibiting sales for consumption at home is an even more compelling reason to re-examine one of the last remaining blue laws on the books.

Tennessee was one of a handful of states that forced liquor stores to close on Saturday, July 4th.  Since Tennessee also bans Sunday package store sales, store owners had to turn away shoppers for an entire weekend.  Check out this op-ed that published in Nashville’s Tennessean

A state strapped for cash should look to antiquated liquor laws

From the article:

As would-be consumers spend Sundays flocking to malls, shopping for groceries and eating at restaurants, Tennessee’s package-store owners have no choice but to turn customers away at the door. As a result, the state stubbornly flushes millions in much-needed tax revenue down the drain while forcing store owners to unwittingly inconvenience their culturally modern customers.