A grassroots organization known as Oklahomans for Alcohol Law Reform (OFLAR) has sprung up in the Sooner State. 

As more and more states modernize outdated alcohol laws to generate more revenue without raising taxes or cutting programs, some Oklahomans feel their own state legislators should consider repeal. 

Randy Burleson, a founding member of OFLAR, recently told the Oklahoma Gazette:

“We think it’s a matter of consumer demand,” Burleson said. “We would just like to have the option. I believe retailers would like the option to be open on Super Bowl Sunday, too, or even on Sundays during the football season.  That’s money we could use in the state budget.”

Also according to the Gazette, Sen. Andrew Rice, D-Oklahoma City, who sponsored repeal legislation this session, said he knew of no public policy or public health reasons why the state should not allow Sunday sales.  Rice said:

“I suppose historically they didn’t want people drinking on Sunday, but you can always stock up on Saturday. We need to assess if this is an antiquated law that needs to be changed. I’m in favor of opening up all markets so that we can increase state revenue.”

To read the full article in the Oklahoma Gazette, click here.

To learn more about Oklahomans for Alcohol Law Reform, visit: www.ofalr.com.

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